Friday, May 15, 2009

The Eye, The Heart, The Word (Susan Moon & Her Students at Manzanita Village)


"This booklet was born at Manzanita Village, a retreat center in wild country in Southern California. The old ranch stead, set in rugged dry hills, looks like the set of a Western movie, with the added bonus of an adobe meditation hall. [...]

All of these pieces are engaging in themselves, and they also illustrate the way I teach, using prompts and suggestions that I have found to be helpful in encouraging creativity and drawing forth our authentic and surprising stories. We already have everything we need in order to write; we have been doing the research on what it means to be a human being ever since we were born.

For one weekend, seven of us cheered each other on—to look with our eyes both within and without, to let our own words come forth out of silence, and to speak from the heart."

(From the "Introduction" by Susan Moon)

Available for purchase from DUENDE Books.